Ball Lightning or UFO? | UK Storm Chaser & Weather Vlogger


Ball Lightning or UFO? | UK Storm Chaser & Weather Vlogger


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After filming the previous lightning videos a few of you spotted what could be Ball lightning or just a UFO. This is for you to decide and comment down below after you've seen the footage. Support Nodrog: Abandoned / Railway Channel @nodrog Gear / Apps shown in the video: Anemometer/s: Small - Large - Digital Barometer - Weather Station - APP: 'My Lightning Tracker' - Live Thunderstorm Alerts Find nodrog on Social media, just search 'nodrog' 3rd party sounds, reference, images or footage are under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, or Creative Commons license (CC BY 3.0) This video or content is not to be taken seriously. Do not put yourself at risk because of this video / vlog - No responsibility is held with nodrog. You can 'Share' this video with the correct links. Please don't download, copy or re-edit without permission - Nodrog © #stormchaser #weather #lightning



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