SHOCKING VOLT TACKLE SET REVIEW (Part of Vivid Voltage!) - Pokemon TCG


SHOCKING VOLT TACKLE SET REVIEW (Part of Vivid Voltage!) - Pokemon TCG


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WOOOW, THERE'S A LOT OF COOL NEW ARCHETYPES!! MERCHANDISE IS NOW AVAILABLE: SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE ► Like my Facebook ► NEED PTCGO CODE CARDS? Check out PoTownStore and get -5% off your next order by using the 'ZapdosTCG' coupon code: EUROPEAN PLAYER? BUY OR SELL CARDS ON ► Sup YouTube! In today's video we'll be going over my first impressions of the new Japense set: Shocking Volt. We will get these cards in November in our English set Vivid Voltage. So it's time to take a sneak peak at the future and see what awaits us. There are interesting cards in here like Leon to dish out more damage, Telephoto Scope for spread decks and even cards to help out basics decks aka Tag Team decks. Good one-prize Pokemon like Zapdos and Garbodor are also part of this set. We'll discuss all of the good cards today! Let me know what your favorite upcoming card is, in the coment secton below. Let me know your favorite new card and destroy the like button if you enjoyed the video! Subscribe for more! ------- Also if you're interested in a few more epic videos, check out these: ►DARKNESS ABLAZE BUYLIST: ►POST ROTATION DARKNESS ABLAZE TIERLIST: ►TOP 20 BEST CARDS FROM DARKNESS ABLAZE: ►ROTATION 2021 - WHICH DECKS AND CARDS ARE GONE!? ►30 AMAZING POKEMON FACTS ABOUT THE TCG: ------ And if you want some Poké-News, be sure to check out my Facebook page \u0026 get up to date with all the latest TCG news. Also leaving your thoughts and comments about the video in the comment section is much appreciated. And don't forget to subscribe for more upcoming TCG videos like this! #Review #VividVoltage #PlayPokemon



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