Shocking Predictions for 9/7/2020 - 2/2/2021 (Chinese Astrology)


Shocking Predictions for 9/7/2020 - 2/2/2021 (Chinese Astrology)

In 2020, we are living an intense and troubling year of Metal Rat according to Chinese astrology. I’ll reveal some shocking predictions for 9/7/2020 through 2/2/2021. Get ready for the upcoming energy Tsunami! Watch this video to get prepared! ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅FREE subliminal course: 68-second manifestation magic: ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅How Karin Manifested her dreams in all avenues of life ✅ Manifest money and abundance in 30 days: ✅ Our ultimate subliminal course: Manifest while you sleep: ✅ Download FREE Divine Protection Affirmations and Subliminal: ✅ Download Free Gratitude Life Transformation Subliminal: ✅ Learn LOA at Choosing Gratitude Website ✅ Our Blog is packed with LOA insights and success stories! ✅Tony Robbins best-kept secret to creating success and impact! ————————————————————————————————— The year 2020, according to Chinese astrology, is metal rat, which presents overwhelming water energy. No element is really bad, but when one element is out of control, we will certainly face some great turmoils in the world. Look back at 1960, which was the last time we collectively experienced a metal rat year. Let me know in the comment what happened in your country and your family history back then. In this video, I will give you a month by month overview of what to come according to Chinese astrology, and how you can get prepared! ------------------------------------------------------------------- ✅Instagram: ✅Facebook: ✅Podcast: - Anchor: - Spotify: - Google Podcast: ✅Subscribe to my YouTube channel now: *Above links may contain affiliate links ------------------------------------------------ Join my personal journey of making gratitude a choice on a daily basis! Gratitude is the highest vibration of the universe, and it can be cultivated. Through this channel, I share many step-by-step techniques and processes to help you get into the feeling and vibration of gratitude--- the only place where you can be a powerful creator of your own life and make all your dreams come true. There is no way to gratitude. Gratitude IS the way. #choosinggratitude #karinyee #chineseastrology



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